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4th Quarter Book (Alone)


My 4th quarter book is called ALONE ,It is a survival and adventurous book. There is a boy named Sam That went on a trip with his father once they boarded the plane and took off. There was a small problem with one of the turbines. The turbine catches fire, Sam's heart is racing he look's for his dad but his dad is no where to be found. Sam finally finds his dad but it was to late for him they crashed into a lake.Sam screams for his dad but no one responds, Sam digs his finger into the life jacket screams one more time(no one answers). Sam is surrounded by flames, Sam has to find a way out quickly or will be burned alive. Sam's only option is to dive under water to avoid the flames, Sam takes his life jacket off and begins to swim under water. He reaches land his body is heavy and bruised Sam knocks out. Next morning Sam wakes up every bone feels like its broken, Sam is hungry but there is no food.Sam spots a bug and takes advantage then eats it causing him to vomit t…

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