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I am reading a new book called Hatchet where there  is a boy named BRIAN and the point of view is first person. The reason that this story is first is because in the beginning of the story Brian describes how he feels on the plane. Also how his mom gave him a hatchet to help around the house and more. But when the plane crashes he describes how he feels about it also when he try's to help the pilot when he has a heart attack. When the plane crashes Brian has dreams how he thinks what is going to happen but it was a dream. So he expresses his feeling about the plane crash and how it all felt to him when the plane was crash landing. Also when the pilot has a heart attack Brian has to operate the plane he describes how he has to narrow it out so it doesn't crash land. As Brian hit the ground he has to get on land but he says its like my fore head is pounding and other parts. Brian takes his shirt off but mosquito's and fly's rip off his skin because it is new fles…

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